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Thursday, November 13, 2008

RANGARAYA MEDICAL COLLEGE , kakinada is d 1st private college in independent India.

It was started in 1958. D idea was conceived on feb 24 by Col.D.S.Raju n his associates. The society was formed on 16th april, the first lecture by Dr. Moturu Bhanu sankar on sept 17.

Prominent among them in the medical field during 1958 were Col. Dr. D.S.Raju, valiant freedom fighter and a close associate of Netaji and Dr. M. V. Krishna Rao, a man of great vision. These two stalwarts who had been dreaming of starting a private medical college to cater to the needs of the students of coastal Andhra in general, and East & West Godavari districts in particular, founded and registered the Medical Education Society on 16th April 1958 with the triple object of promoting Medical Education, Medical research and Medical relief through voluntary effort.

While Col. Raju was engaged in the task of collecting donations to the proposed Medical College, Dr. M.V. Krishna Rao did all the spade work for the starting of the institution. Eminent doctors like I.Joga Rao, P. V.N.Raju, K. Chandra Rao, A. Perisastry, B.Venkata Raju and P.R. Hari extended a helping hand. The then Municipal chairman Sri Dantu Bhaskara Rao heartily cooperated with the endeavour, with the result the starting of a Medical college, which was till then an ambition, became a reality

On behalf of Sri Mullapudi Venkata Rayudu Memorial Educational Trust of Tanuku, its Chariman Sri. M. Harischandra Prasad offered a Donation of five lakhs for the college. The college was named at his request after his late brother in law Sri. P. Ranga Rao, Zamindar of Dommeru and Sri Harischandra Prasad was taken as Vice President of the society. Prominent among other donors was Sri Kotamarthi Venkanna, a generous business man of Kakinada who gifted a site of 61/2 acres. This site is now called the "Kotamarthi Park" on which stands the present mens hostels.

Sri Draksharama Choultry Trust represented by the Pydah family gave a donation of rupees fifty thousand with which a Lecture Hall has been constructed. Many other worthy persons contributed smaller donations amounting to about rupees 2.5 lakhs.

The Maharaja of Pithapuram leased out the Palatial Orphanage buildings(now the Main Campus) to house the Medical College. Within 21/2 months two lecture halls and a Dissection hall were newly constructed and ready for occupation.The formal inauguration of the Rangaraya Medical College was done on 17th November 1958 by Sri. N. Sanjeeva Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. One hundred students were admitted in August 1958, and the teaching work for first MBBS was initiated on 15th August 1958 by late Dr. V.S. Krishna, Vice Chancellor of the Andhra University.

In the year 1977 Government of Andhra Pradesh took over the privately managed RMC. In 1981 Rangaraya Medical College became a full fledged Government Medical College.


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